AlhambraBits is the entry point to a new learning concept for Digital Electronics. Our goal is to teach how to solve problems by applying the logic behind the hardware.

Digital Electronics is the technology base of the digital world in which we live. Mobiles, computers, tables, … have built in processors, controllers and other digital chips which are digital electronic components.

Despite of being based on simple principles, easy to understand by anyone, digital electronics is little accesible to non-technical audiences. Would it be possible for children and non-electronic people to design digital circuits?

Alhambra’s Bits make this possible.  It uses the free tool IceStudio, which allows to make digital circuits easily, which can be downloaded on the Alhambra board for real a implementation.

Are you interested knowing more? Go and check our components (BITS) and don’t forget to visit our Workshop for starters ( Start_here ).