The best place to learn how to use this AlhambraBits EcoSystem is following this training My first steps . It gives you an introduction to our learning method, how to install the software and presents the fundamentals of  Digital Electronics but from an innovative point of view

Brochures : AlhambraBits  , FPGAwars  , Alhambra II  , IceStudio

Open Community

It is recommended to follow the very active community in the following places:

  • FPGAwars Open Community : web page, where all workshop and tutorials are published.
  • Groups : Best place to be in contact with other developers.
  • Github : All projects and docs are in GitHub repos.

We also invite to follow our team member and technical lead Juan Gonzalez in @Obijuan_cube (Twitter) and in  his GitHub account. If you are interested on the hardware design follow Eladio Delgado at @EladioDM (Twitter). Their daily contributions are very good examples of the capabilities of this new learning method.


Please write your technical  questions and doubts  to Groups. Our team members are following the activity there and will be glad to answer you.

For logistics issues (shipment, deliverables, invoicing, returns) contact us at