Alhambra board

Arduino/zum compatible Open FPGA electronic board. Synthesize hardware easily, using open source tools.

This board is about exploring the open side of the FPGAs. We know that there are more powerful FPGAs. We know that there are very  amazing software tools that can do a lot of stuff… but they are not opensource. So, if you like the freedom too, this board is for you. 

The board has been designed with Open Source tools ( FreeCad, KiCad, InkScape and LibreOffice )  and it is compatible with the opensource icestorm toolchain  by Clifford Wolf.

This board is the hardware reference for our Digital Electronics training tutorials. It is the perfect combination for IceStudio and allows to experiment in real hardware all the circuits designed with IceStudio.

Icezum Alhambra II (Links)

Icezum Alhambra I  (Links)

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