Icestudio IDE


Icestudio is a graphic IDE for open FPGAs. It includes drivers configuration, toolchain installation, graphical design, build, verification and loading into the FPGA hardware board.

  • Compatible with different FPGA kits : IceZum Alhambra, iCEStick, TinyFPGA,… (full list)
  • Multi-platform application available for GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS DMG.
  • Expandable with custom blocks and collections.
  • Multi language : English, Spanish, French, …
  • Export to Verilog, PCF, Testbench, GTKWave, BLIF, ASC, Bitstream
  • Board rules, error detection, FPGA resources, …
  • Written in JavaScript and HTML/CSS.
  • Built on top of the Icestorm project.

Direct Download

Source Code (Github)