About us

Our story

We are a group of friends that loves to share our work with the community. We believe in the “Technological Heritage of Humanity” and from our humble position we try to contribute doing what we know best. Bring technology to the youngest, break barriers in learning and use Open Source/Hardware tools.  We started publishing information long-long time ago, and we keep doing it but using modern tools.

This web indexes all of our work related to this new way of teaching Digital Electronics (FPGAWarsicezum alhambraIceStudio, trainings, … ) and facilitates selling the Alhambra Board across the world.

The team

All of us have another main activity, we dedicate our spare time to this initiative, and our greatest reward is to see your support !

  • Juan Gonzalez  : Training materials and technical leader. Currently working at  the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.  Madrid.
  • Jesus Arroyo : Creator and main developer of the IceStudio and Apio projects. Currently working at CARTO.  Madrid.
  • Andres Prieto-Moreno : Web, sales back-end, mentoring and enthusiastic. Currently working at FLIR Systems.  California.
  • Eladio Delgado : Designer of the Alhambra Board. Engineering Director at Mareldem Technologies. Granada.
  • Maria Delgado : Production and QA. HW & FW Development Engineer at Mareldem Technologies. Granada.
  • Maria Luisa López : Admin & Logistics. Currently working at Mareldem Technologies. Granada.
  • Antonio Andújar : CAD Designer & FW Development Engineer at Mareldem Technologies.  Granada.

Mareldem Technologies is a company which main activities are consulting services for electronic projects. Covering the full cycle: concept , develop, validation and getting  into production. Office is in Pinos del Valle, a nice small village in Granada, Spain. Perfect place to host Rural Workshops.

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Contribute to our community

Everything we have done is open source and open hardware. It has been published in GitHub and YouTube ( look resources page for more info ). We would love to hear from you in the forums or seeing pull-request for your work !

Donate 10 USD

Donations will be used to support the main three areas of this learning tool:

  1. Keep publishing tutorials and adding examples in the open community.
  2. Keep improving IceStudio IDE to have more and more functionality.
  3. Design new and more powerful versions of the Alhambra kit.

Thank you !!

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