We are starting the shipments of batch 3.1

The first boards are ready to go !! Nacional (Spain) shipments will take less than 48 hours,  MRW will send an SMS prior delivery. For Canarias and International will take longer to arrive to destination. In these cases we will provide the tracking number to follow.

For those of you that wants to start working on the Alhambra as soon as possible take a look to this WorkShop.

During these past weeks we have seen good projects with the Alhambra board , some of them done by our first users:

1. Monster LED: Transform your VGA monitor into  a huge LCD.

2. PS/2 Keyboard controller

3. Line follower with Mbot Robot (english):

 4. Enigma Project (By Julián Caro Linares):
 5. Doodle: Hexapod Robot driven by an  FPGA following a black line  (Julian Caro Linares)

6. Space invaders: (By Roland Coeurjoly)

We hope you enjoy your AlhambraBits as we do with ours.