U.S. stock on the way !!

Finally, today,  the Alhambra kit stock for U.S. left Mareldem’s office. It has been a long wait but now we are getting them in 4/5 days depending on customs. For all of you that were waiting for this notification to make the payment, this is now a good moment. We will start shipping in order of payments (giving priority to the ones already in the paid list). This is the first box out of many.


During this month we have been continuing with the Digital Electronics tutorial and we are approaching the second season end. In th elates chapters we have seen “Counters”, “multiplexers”, “flip-flops”, “timers”,.. and much more powerful projects have came out of it. IceStudio is showing its potential and keeps expanding it limits !


Jesus (@JesusArroyo89) went to the  Orconf 2018 to talk about APIO /  IceSudio  and met with a lot of interesting people that are contributing to all this movement. In this photo he is with  Clifford Wolf ! the father of the IceStorm project which is the base for all of this.


Today’s special mention goes to “El Profe Garcia”  and his video  of the Alhambra II unboxing. The VGA board is not part of the standard kit, we have sent a couple of them to beta testers. We hope to start offering it as a product soon… but we need first to get rid of all the Alhambra’s waiting list !!


Thank you all !