Recent AlhambraBits News

May2017 has been a great month for all of us. Our friend Obijuan was one of the 5 winers of the O’Reilly OpenSource awards. It was a recognition for all his career as a communicator and Open Source leader. Take a look to some of them:

But, not only that, Alhambra second-batch-part1 started shipping last week, and this week we are sending the emails to the people that asked for one (Second-batch-part2 May2017).

Workshops and talks have continued happening. Right now we are covering Spain since this trend started there. But we hope to be soon everywhere.

Finally, we want to say to all of you that are supporting us, following us in the media, doing your contributions to the project and , of course, buying our hardware and following our courses.

Thank you from all AlhambraBits team !!