“Tuturial de Electronica Digital” is here !

Every month is more and more exciting. As promised we have started writing HowTos and Documents to help all of you getting the best from your Alhambra.

Weren’t amazing the  first three chapter’s of Obijuan tutorial? Here we are dealing with bitpoints‘ trying to become Master Jedi. Very fun to participate and see all of you/us in Twitter , Google+ and rest of media.

Eladio is getting pressure, he has started working on the next batch of the Alhambra boards, but this time the pick&place will happen in house ! Big step forward increasing our capability to produce high quality HW. There are 40 boards left from current batch. Amazing, thank you to all of you.

We also want to welcome our new members from other countries outside Europe:  Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, USA, Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala. We know shipments take longer that what we would like. We will work to  improve this and get better and quicker.

And what about Jesus and the rest of participants that released IceStudio 0.3.1-rc (release candidate). This tool is a breaker, is the beginning of doing things differently.

These are all events that have happened during these past months:

And last but not less important lets mention some of the projects that the community has done:

Finally, behind all this work there are some more people behind the scenes, they are receiving your mails, packaging, shipping,…  Maria, Maria Luisa, Antonio and Andres.

Academia Jedi :  “May the force be with you



We are starting the shipments of batch 3.1

The first boards are ready to go !! Nacional (Spain) shipments will take less than 48 hours,  MRW will send an SMS prior delivery. For Canarias and International will take longer to arrive to destination. In these cases we will provide the tracking number to follow.

For those of you that wants to start working on the Alhambra as soon as possible take a look to this WorkShop.

During these past weeks we have seen good projects with the Alhambra board , some of them done by our first users:

1. Monster LED: Transform your VGA monitor into  a huge LCD.

2. PS/2 Keyboard controller

3. Line follower with Mbot Robot (english):

 4. Enigma Project (By Julián Caro Linares):
 5. Doodle: Hexapod Robot driven by an  FPGA following a black line  (Julian Caro Linares)

6. Space invaders: (By Roland Coeurjoly)

We hope you enjoy your AlhambraBits as we do with ours.


Back from holidays !

Dear followers, long time without writing any news! Our fault, we have been enjoying some holidays in Spain, visiting our friends and participating in a lot of activities. Good stuff in general. See some remarkable activities below :

  1. There was a “Surprise Party” for Obijuan in MakerSpace Madrid. Amazing initiative from his followers.surprise-party
  2. New presentations / workshops  were done:
    1. May 20th: Murcia Meetup: Lattuino pictures
    2. June 1st: Fuerteventura makers
    3. July 6th: Universidad de Cantabria : Summer workshop
    4. July 8th: Workshop at Makerspace Madrid
    5. Eladio was interviewed by Rincon Ingenieril
    6. … and participate in  “Meeting with Scientist” event at “Parque de las Ciencias – Granada”parque de las ciencias
  3. First PrintBots with Open FPGA were born
  4. We had a rural meeting in Pinos del Valle ! Jesus couldn’t join  us but next time we will try to meet the four of us together.rural-encuentro
  5. Delivery of batch2-second part was complete.

And the future is bringing us more good news. We are almost to receive the third batch of boards. We will ship 240 units during September and hopefully we will have enough stock to cover Q4.

Areas where we are investing time are:

  1. How to improve the manufacturing process. Eladio got his pick&place machinePickplace
  2. Running Arduino inside the IceZum Alambra
  3. Progress on the IceStudio IDE, planning new features for the next releases.
  4. Alhambrabits organization under GitHub Alhambra-bits

But most important thing we were able to enjoy holidays and charge our batteries for the rest of the year. We hope you had the opportunity to do the same. We keep in touch, more news with batch 3.1 coming soon


La Herradura – Granada – Spain (Aug-2017)